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How a City in Israel was Built

In 1978, a group of young families established a settlement in the south of Israel. One of the first buildings they built was the cheder for the 6 children in the community.

Our mission at Ashdod Mercaz Chinuch Institutes is to provide our close to 2000 students with a Torah-true, Jewish education that addresses the individual needs of every child.

Your contribution will be used to help pay for the following important programs:


With over 300 new talmidim this year, a new building being built to house additional classrooms for the children of Ashdod to learn Torah.


The yeshiva opens on Shabbos for boys who wish to come and learn for 4 hours with their Rebbeim. 800 students and 30 Mechanchim learn over 3,200 hours of Torah each Shabbos.


72 children require additional help outside the classroom. Services include private tutoring with special trained teachers in reading comprehension, writing, motor skills and math.


700 students are voluntarily enrolled in this special program. Talmidim receive written and oral tests on up to 25 blatt of Gemarah and receive prizes and grants for their amazing achievements.


For exceptional children, special classes are given on a higher level to help them reach their potential. 540 blatt Gemarah a year are learned by each student.


We offer classrooms for physically handicapped children who have no other access to a Torah education. Physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, advisors, psychologists and all necessary medical supplies are provided to these special children.

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