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You walk down a busy boulevard, or simply cross at your own street corner.

Perhaps you commute to work, do carpool, or fly to the far East for business; maybe to Israel to see the grandchildren.

Deep inside, you worry. What if? What if, G-d forbid, a drunken driver comes barreling around the bend at 100 miles per hour? What if the school bus makes a short stop just as your child gets up from his seat? What if the plane malfunctions, or terrorists attack the subway?

Is there anything you can do to earn an extra measure of protection for yourself and those you love?

Now, thanks to Shemirah Bidrachim - Protection on the Road, there is! Your Shemirah Bidrachim Program harnesses the heaven-storming power of the prayers of innocent children who spend their days learning our holy Torah. For a minimal donation, close to two thousand children in our schools will recite Tehilim (Psalms) and additional special tefilos (prayers) of protection for you daily. The purity and innocence of their Yiddishe neshamos (Jewish souls) infuse their piercing tefilos with the power to protect.

In exchange, your fee will be used to cover the costs of maintaining the Ashdod Mercaz Chinuch Project in Israel.

Your Shemirah Bidrachim Program will help provide a Jewish child with a License to Succeed in life by getting the best possible Jewish education.

In approximately two weeks, you will receive an official Certificate of Protection, signed and dated by the director of the yeshiva and the Chief Rabbi of Ashdod.

You are covered automatically as soon as you sign up. Our specially-composed prayer includes all our policy-holders at all times.



Policy Terms​

The Shemirah Bidrachim Program will provide protection from harm to the program holder when he/she is driving a vehicle, flying in an airplane or traveling on foot. The program holder should neither be harmed by, nor harm, anybody.

The protection is based on trust in the merit of tinokos shel beis raban, whose study and prayers keep the world in existence. Their learning and praying protect and save all the supporters of their holy Torah study. The insured will continue to fulfill the command v’nishmartem meod l’nafshoseichem by reciting tefilas haderech and observing safe and legal driving practices.

In exchange for a contribution made to the Ashdod Mercaz Chinuch Project, the pupils will study and recite pirkei tehilim daily, and entreat G-d to protect and save the insured from any trouble and distress and lead him toward peace, emplace his footsteps toward peace, and have him reach his desired destination for life, gladness and peace, and send blessing and success in all his endeavors, wherever he may turn.

This agreement is a spiritual agreement! It does not constitute any grounds for the Insured to claim money from the Ashdod Mercaz Chinuch Project.

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