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There are many

insurance policies available

with debatable and inconclusive data as to their worth and effectiveness. But the “Shemirah Bidrachim Program” offers a benefit which no other program is able to match.

It is an investment worth its cost, inasmuch as saving a soul is beyond any monetary value!

Email us your story!

Recently, we received a remarkable letter

from a respected physician, illustrating the life-saving power of Shemirah Bidrachim:

"I was heading home during my regular evening commute from the hospital, when out of nowhere, a huge SUV slammed into the side of my car. It sounded like a bomb had detonated.

I don’t remember much, but I was told that I had been hit so hard that the entire car flipped in the air, landing in the opposite lane filled with oncoming traffic. Too dazed to think, I somehow managed to escape the remains of my car and avoid being run down as I made my way to the side of the road.

I walked away without a scratch. There’s no rational way someone can walk away from an accident like that. No way. But I did. And I can only attribute it to my Shemirah Bidrachim Program. It saved my life.

Another unbelievable story happened recently 

on the main highway between Ashdod and Tel Aviv. A young man approached a car standing on the side of the road to offer his assistance. As he drew near, he noticed the familiar label fastened to the window of the damaged car. However, he grew puzzled as he noticed the driver; his small kippah and style of dress did not place him as a typical religious Jew. Yet when he arrived, the driver pulled him aside and whispered, “Do you see this sticker? This saved my family.” He proceeded to relate his personal narrative:

“Last night, a relative drove this car with my children riding in the back seat. They were returning from a weekend up North. As they were pulling into Ashdod, the tired driver suddenly dozed off and the car was thrust onto the security fence at the side of the road. The loud blasting noises that ensued, coupled with the view of the crushed car, seemed to banish all hope. Yet incredibly, every member of my family was removed from that car, shivering from the cold and crying out of fear, but miraculously alive.

“Do you see this car?” the driver concluded his emotional story. “Does it seem to you that anyone could emerge unscathed from such an incident? There is no doubt that this is all due to the cherished and holy prayers of the boys of Ashdod Mercaz Chinuch. A young man clad in clothes similar to yours once approached me, offering the policy. I figured that even if help is not guaranteed, it certainly cannot harm. I request you to please thank him in my name.

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